Teardrop Banners

Advertising Banners

Although they’re commonly seen outdoors, our teardrop banners can also be used inside without any issues. These completely portable systems are one of Displays Direct’s most popular products.

Displays Direct uses the very latest in printing technology to ensure that your custom teardrop flag designs features vibrant graphics that will stand the test of time (and the harsh Australian climate) with ease. After all, you want to ensure that the banner can last outside for more than just a few weeks.

Double Sided Graphics

One of the main problems with single sided graphics is that the image printed on the front can show through on the opposite side – backwards. All of our tear drop banners feature double sided graphics to eliminate this issue.

Base Options

We have two different base options for our teardrop flags and banners – the spike base is designed for outdoor use, whereas the cross base is designed for indoor use (it can also be used outdoors with the addition of a water tank to weight it down).


What if I need new graphics?

The great thing about our teardrop flags in Australia is that the graphics are completely interchangeable. This means that the same flag can be used with multiple graphics, depending on your current needs. Please contact us if you would like to order additional graphics with your purchase.

What happens on an overly windy day?

All of our teardrop banners in Sydney have been fitted with flexible fiberglass poles to ensure that strong winds pose no danger. Cheaper options are known to crack or even snap under pressure, but you can rest assured that fiberglass will “go with the flow” so to speak.