Sky Banner

Advertising Banners

If you think that you’re using every square inch of space available in your booth, look up. If there isn’t anything hanging from the ceiling of your booth, you need a sky banner from Displays Direct!

Think about where your eyes are when walking around a tradeshow or some other event – generally, you’re looking out straight ahead to ensure that you don’t walk into anyone or anything. This means that anything hanging above the crowds will be visible from quite a distance – draw those people in!

Variety Of Shapes & Sizes

Our sky banners in Sydney are available in a range of shapes and sizes to ensure that they meet the needs of your exhibition space as well as complement the design of your booth. Our range includes circular, ellipses, square and triangular.

Easy Set Up & Take Down

Don’t let the fact that these banners are hung from the ceiling put you off! Assembly and disassembly are made easy thanks to the single rigging point, which enables you to get it hung in as little as a few minutes!


Are these banners single sided only?

No, they can also be double sided if this is what you desire. Depending on how and where you intend to hang the banner, this can ensure that your branding is visible from every possible angle.

How do I store the banner?

When you no longer need the banner, it can be folded up to fit snugly inside a durable canvas case. This will also ensure that both the graphic and frame are provided with ample protection during transit.