Flying Banners

Advertising Banners

The unique shape, styling and eye-catching design of the various flying banners offered by Displays Direct ensures that they have a remarkable impression for both indoor and outdoor use.

Some people have found that flying banners in Sydney are most effective visually in larger numbers (when they’ve been displayed in a row or avenue of vibrant colour that cannot help but draw the eye). To gain maximum attention for your brand, product or service, consider using multiple flags.

Easy To Set Up & Take Down

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of flying banners in Sydney is the fact that they’re incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. It should take one person no more than a few minutes to have the flag up and flying.

Flexible Poles

All of the flying banners in our range have been fitted with flexible fiberglass poles to ensure that they don’t crack or even snap in the wind. This is a serious problem with cheaper options, but we want your flag to last.


How do I keep these banners upright?

Particularly when used outdoors, preventing banners from being knocked or blown over is often a key concern. We have a variety of base options to choose from, including spike feet and cross feet, to ensure that your banner remains standing no matter the wind conditions.

Are the graphics single or double sided?

Although we can provide single sided graphics, we recommend opting for double sided. This will prevent ‘show through’ on the other side, where the image printed on the front can be seen through the back. We also use a block out layer in between to prevent this even further.