19 Sep 2017

Why Pull Up Banners Make Better Long Term Display Solutions Than X Banners

by Admin

If you are searching for display solutions for your promotional campaign, two key products are likely to crop up – pull up banners and X banners. Although they have a similar appearance when assembled, both options get their names from the shape of their stand – pull up sees the graphic literally pulled up out of the base, whilst X describes the cross feet of the stand.

Pull up stands are also known as roll up, retractable banners or pop up banners so you might be familiar with them under another name. X stands are also sometimes referred to as Y banners due to the shape of their base. Both options feature a long, narrow graphic that that is connected to the base at the bottom and is secured at the top to keep it taut.

Now that we’ve gotten the terminology out of the way, why is one option preferable over the other?

Pull Up Banners

  • This stand is the more expensive of the two, but they do provide a more premium appearance.
  • Due to their flat aluminium base, these stands are very sturdy and will not be knocked over easily.
  • Thanks to their ability to support larger size graphics, there are more flexible design options available.
  • Due to this larger size, you’ll find that these stands grab more attention and hold it for longer.


X Banners

  • This stand is one of the most cost effective options on the market, often used if on a budget.
  • It is very easy to replace the graphic should you change your campaign and will take less than a minute.
  • Due to the smaller graphic size, you’ll find that your design options are less flexible.
  • These stands tend to be much smaller than their pull up counterparts, which makes them less noticeable.


If you’re looking for a long term solution, the pull up stand would be our recommendation because of its premium appearance, larger graphic size, ability to grab attention and sturdy aluminium base. You’ll find that these banners will be able to stand the test of time with ease, as well as provide you with the ability to assemble and reassemble over and over again without issue.

If you’re wanting to use the banner outdoors, we again recommend the pull up stand. This is because they’re far more wind resistant than their X counterparts, although if you plan to advertise outside often you would be far better off with a flag banner of some kind (which are designed exclusively for outdoor use and will be able to remain stable in rough wind conditions).

We hope that the information provided here has shown you exactly why pull up banners are a better long term solution than X banners. At Displays Direct, we have a variety of stands to choose from (including the premium Totem Banner and popular Banner Bug) – please contact us for more information on our exclusive range of products or if you have any questions.