07 Aug 2019

Why Pull Up Banners are the Best way to Advertise Your Product

by Admin

Whether you’re exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow, want to setup a booth in your local shopping centre or are just looking for an alternative means of branding your workplace, there is no denying that pull up banners are an excellent way to advertise your products and services. These types of banners offer a number of advantages over the other types available; we have outlined some of these in the list below for your convenience:

1. Delivers your message on the go

We don’t mean that you can attach your banner to your car so that people can see it as you drive around. What we do mean is that these displays are completely portable, meaning that you can take them between different locations with ease. You might be exhibiting at a tradeshow this week, speaking at another event the week after, and expecting a lot of potential clients to be passing through your workplace the week after that – the great thing about a pull up banner is that it suits all these applications, and more!

2. Durable construction

The materials used in the construction of these banners are extremely durable, meaning that they’ll stand the test of time as well as handle being moved around. The frames are generally made from aluminum, which is one of the most durable materials on the market, whilst the vinyl graphics are also able to withstand much more wear and tear than other materials (like paper). On top of this, many displays come with a handy carrycase that you can use to store and protect them when not in use.


3. Easy to assemble

They might look a little scary, but the truth is that pull up banners are quite easy to assemble and disassemble as required. Basically, all you need to do is place the base wherever you want it to go, then slot the support pole together and insert it into the base. Take hold of the top of the graphic (stored within the base) and pull it up, attaching it to the top of the pole. That’s all it takes! Assembling these displays should take you no more than a few minutes, and disassembly should be just as quick.


4. Only requires a small space

Another great thing about these banners is that they don’t take up a whole lot of space, which is particularly useful when dealing space is at a premium in your booth or workplace. They are generally tall and narrow as opposed to squat and wide, which also ensures that people will be able to see it from quite a distance. These displays can be placed against a wall, in the middle of the floor, in front of a counter – pretty much anywhere there is a little space that hasn’t been used.


We hope that the information provided above has answered all of your questions about the use of pull up bannersand that you feel like you’re in a better position to make a decision regarding their use for your business. These banners offer plenty of great marketing opportunities, least of which is a decently sized surface on which to brand. Reach out to the team at Displays Direct on 9439 4399 to learn more.!