22 May 2017

Why Do I Need To Display My Brand On Pull Up Banners In Sydney?

by Admin

Whether you’re presenting at a tradeshow or setting up a display in your office, you might be leaning towards pull up banners in Sydney. These are an attractive and cost effective way of reaching out to your target market, but only when properly executed. Although sharing your marketing message or information on your latest products/services is important, so is displaying your brand.

Why is your brand important?

Your brand is literally who you are. Without your brand, you are the same as every other business that operates in the same industry. It’s how potential customers remember who you are for future reference – perhaps they’re in a rush that day or don’t need your products/services at this time, but if they remember you later on they’re more likely to use you.

How can I display my brand?

There are actually a number of ways that you can display your brand on pull up banners, from the subtle (such as using your brand colours as the background) to the obvious (such as emblazoning your business name and logo across the top). You can even combine various methods to ensure that your brand is front and centre (just avoid oversaturation).

There are plenty of other ways that you can incorporate your branding into your banners, you’ve just got to think outside the box! We’ve outlined some of our ideas that don’t involve the inclusion of too much marketing here:

Focus on the Soft Sell

In most cases, banners should not have a hard sell marketing message on them. As they already naturally draw the eye in the direction of your booth or business, it is sometimes best to continue holding the attention of potential customers by using the banner to share your brand. A lot of Australian customers are turned off by hard marketing messages, so branding can be a great way around this.

Notification of Discounts/Sales

Banners can be quite effective in driving sales (and putting your name to them). Use them to lead customers directly to a sale item – and be sure to strategically place complementary items close by. This can actually encourage customers to come up with their own ideas regarding the complementary sale and will help to drive purchases without you having to hard sell.

Use to Provide Direction

Customers always appreciate information that helps them. You can help potential customers to find you by strategically placing banners around the vicinity of your booth or shop, literally guiding them to you. If your booth or store is quite large, banners can also be used to direct customers to specific areas (such as the registers or customer service desk).

As you can see, displaying your brand on pull up banners in Sydney is just as essential as including your marketing message or detailing your products and services. After all, your brand defines who you are – you want potential customers to recall your name the next time they’re in need of your products or services. At Displays Direct, we can help you to effectively display your branding.