27 Jul 2018

How to Use a Pull Up Banner to Boost your Business

by Admin

Whether you’re presenting at an exhibition, conference or tradeshow, with the right display products your business will be noticeable and memorable. After all, people aren’t going to stop by your stand if they don’t know you’re there. If you’re looking for a fantastic promotional and branding tool that is excellent at drawing attention, then pull up banners could be an excellent choice for your business. These are the best ways to use our banners to improve your business.

  • Eye Catching

If you want to be seen, then are the way to go. Not only are they an affordable way to market your business, specific products or services, but they will grab the attention of your target audience. Use high-definition visuals, easy to read the text – listing features is a great way to convey a lot of information succinctly – and you'll be able to easily and effectively communicate your message or special offer.

  • Soft Sell

These days we are seeing more and more people being turned off by hard-sell messages. As they naturally draw the eye, banners can be hugely advantageous if you’re using them right. They’ll naturally draw the eye, so keep their attention with a funny quote or comment – something that leaves them wanting more. Rather than saying you have to buy this item, consider using a humorous message to hook your customer and get them into your stall or store.

  • Inside Stores

           You don’t have to save your for special occasions like tradeshows. Use them in a retail environment to answer commonly asked questions, or direct your customers to sale items. You can even strategically place complimentary items close buy, letting your customers draw their own conclusions and drive up your sales – without the off-putting ‘hard sell’ from your employees.


  • Directions

 Do you think your business would be more popular – if only people knew how to find you? Boost your business by directing customers to you with strategically placed banners. This can be especially helpful if your store is located in an area that is difficult to navigate, or if you’re tucked away in a hard-to-reach spot. Rather than pay someone to spruik your business from the street or the middle of a shopping area, simply use banners instead.


  • Easy to use

 You don’t want to waste time on setting up and packing down your banners when you could be using that time on your customers. The great thing about this style is they take very little time to prepare – simply put them where you want them, and pull the graphic up. As a result, they are easy to transport and store as well,so you don’t have to worry about them when you aren’t using them.


If you’re trying to decide which ways to market your business, then you simply can’t look past these pull up banner styles. They’ll ensure you stand out from the crowd and effectively convey your message, so you’ll have more time to focus on your customers. If you want more information, contact our team – we know our banners inside and out, and we’re happy to help.