17 Oct 2017

How Pull Up Banners Can Be A Great Addition To Your Next Event

by Admin

If you are attending an event sometime in the near future – from launching a new product at a tradeshow to sponsoring a business awards program – ensuring that your presence is properly branded is a must. Pull up banners can be a great addition, as they can be quite attention grabbing, visually stimulating and cost effective. In the list below, we have taken a closer look at just some of the reasons to use these banners at your next event:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

There can be no denying that these banners are highly attractive. They are comprised of high resolution digital graphics, which ensures that any colours, logos and imagery used will be bold and sharp. The fabric that the graphics are printed on is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time with ease – they are resistant to tearing and wrinkling, ensuring a perfectly smooth surface from the get go.

  • Array of Sizes

Pull up banners are available in a wide range of sizes, ensuring that you have ample space to share whatever information you desire. The most popular size is 200cm tall, which allows you to place the most important information at eye level, but 150cm tall sizes are also available, allowing you to comply with strict shopping centre guidelines. The size that you choose will ultimately be determined by the event.

  • Compact

The popularity of these banners often lies in the fact that they have relatively small space requirements whilst offering good visibility. This is because they roll out vertically – you only need to allocate floor space for the base, which is also quite compact. This is a great option when space is at a premium in your booth or when you only have a small area in which to work – you won’t have to sacrifice on your branding.

  • Convenience

One of the main benefits offered by these banners is their convenience – not only are they incredibly easy to set up and disassemble, they’re also very easy to transport. Instead of spending hours on the display, trying to join up all those little rods, you will be able to get the whole thing set up in a few minutes flat. This ensures that you have plenty of time for other tasks and that you will be ready to go on time.

  • Cost Effective

Finally, these banners are among the most cost effective solutions for your event. This makes them ideal for those working with strict budgets, as well as for those working with larger budgets who have other displays that they want to purchase. Their affordability doesn’t compromise their quality either. There is also the option to have the graphics re-skinned, which is far cheaper than investing in a whole new stand.

If you are planning for an upcoming event and need an effective way to advertise your brand, products or services we hope that you will consider pull up banners as the ideal solution. They offer many benefits that should not be ignored, from grabbing the attention of passers by to sharing important information about your business. For more information about these banners or to place an order, contact the team at Displays Direct today.