03 Aug 2017

Does A Pull Up Banner’s Size Matter For Successful Marketing?

by Admin

In an age where advertising space can be found pretty much everywhere, from the internet to the side of a bus, how do you set your business apart and make your advertisements stand out from the crowd? Get the exposure you need without the hefty price tag thanks to pull up banners. These handy, portable stands can be used at tradeshows, conferences and many other events.

But does the banner’s size really matter? This is a question that is often raised by those looking into advertising solutions, as you don’t want to make the wrong choice – these stands might be more affordable than plastering your name on a bus, but they still represent considerable investment. In short, the answer is yes – the size does matter to a certain degree.


In our experience, small banners are perfect for use indoors or in areas where space is limited. Whether you want to list sale items in your store or draw attention to a stack of brochures at a tradeshow, these stands could be the perfect solution. On top of this, they are easy to assemble and surprisingly affordable – they will offer plenty of unhindered use.


Pull up banners that are more medium-sized are perfect for events where you’re limited by the bounds of a booth. They are large enough to grab the attention of passers by, but small enough that they won’t cause obstructions (such as blocking sprinkler systems). They are generally used to impart information rather than draw attention to something else.


If you want to make a real impact, however, a large banner will probably meet your needs better. These stands tend to work best outdoors or when intended as more of a backdrop at an event. Even though they have a much larger size, the stands will be relatively easy to assemble and are quite lightweight – you will be able to move them between events with ease.

Using the wrong size banner for an application can have disastrous results for your marketing campaign. Trying to make a small one work when you’re the leading presenter at a tradeshow, for example, is just not going to get you noticed. Trying to squeeze a large stand into your tiny store is never going to work. It’s important to consider the application when making your choice.

It should also be kept in mind that some locations actually have specific size requirements that you must abide by. Shopping centres, for example, often only allow you to use small size banners of 150cm tall. Using stands taller than this will mean that you have voided your agreement with centre management and will cause all sorts of problems.

We hope that the information provided above has answered your size-related questions. Displays Direct works with pull up banners of varying shapes and sizes, ensuring that you’re able to find one that meets your needs perfectly. If you have any questions relating to size or you want to place an order, do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team today.