02 May 2018

7 Biggest Advantages Of Pull Up Banners

by Admin

fantastic promotional and branding tool that is excellent at drawing attention (and keeping it), pull up banners are a popular investment for many businesses. Whether you need one for your storefront, office display, tradeshow, presentation, shopping centre booth, display home or special event, you’ll find that these banners are perfect. In the list below, we have outlined just 7 of the biggest advantages that you can hope to enjoy:

1. Quick Assembly

One of the best things about these banners is that they’re incredibly quick to setup and take down. In most cases, it only requires one person. Instead of wasting time trying to get rods slotted together, you’ll be able to set your booth up in record time and spend more time ensuring your brand has been presented accordingly.

2. Easy to Store

These banners are also incredibly easy to store between events, ensuring that they don’t take up too much of your office’s valuable storage space and that they don’t just sit around looking messy. They pack up quite compactly into a carry case that can be easily stowed in a cupboard somewhere until they’re needed again.

3. Affordable

When compared to other display stands, these banners are actually quite affordable and can be a great choice for businesses on a budget. With prices starting at around $220, rest assured that you’ll be able to get a custom design that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank. We have options to suit higher budgets, too.

4. Lightweight

All of our pull up banners are made from lightweight materials, ensuring that they can be setup and moved around easily. The frames are generally made from aluminium and the bases tend to only weigh a few kilograms. In short, you should expect the whole stand to weigh somewhere between 3 and 7kg – which most people can lift with ease.

5. Transportable

Many people report that these banners are easy to transport from one location to the next. You don’t need a truck or special equipment – simply toss the carry case into the boot or backseat of your car. They are so easily transportable, in fact, that you can even take them with you on public transport if this is your only means of travel.

6. Durable

Although these banners are made from lightweight materials, rest assured that they’re incredibly durable and will be able to stand the test of time. Aluminium is an extremely hardwearing material that can take the bumps and knocks of regular use without issue. Even the fabric graphics are resistant to tearing, wrinkling and fading.

7. Attractive

These banners are also, above all else, aesthetically pleasing. This ensures that they are quite effective in promoting your business and its products or services, as everyone who walks past will find their eyes drawn to the sharp colours and lines. This just goes to show that you don’t need to break the bank to make a good impression.

Could your business or organisation benefit from a great promotional tool like pull up banners? Yes, of course it can! We have an extensive range of banners to choose from, including XL media screens and those with optional shelving – there is something for everyone. If you require any assistance in choosing which of our display products will best meet your needs, be sure to contact our helpful team today – we’ll steer you in the right direction.